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Learning Community and Interest Group Meetups

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Saturday, November 15, 2014 -
4:00pm to 5:30pm

Event Description

Would you like to meet with other biodynamic urban gardeners, preparation makers, medicinal herb growers, or educators at the conference? Learning community and interest group meetups will create space for conference participants to share questions, ideas and experiences with one another through facilitated conversation.

Facilitated meetups will include:

Biodynamic Initiative for the Next Generation (BING)The Biodynamic Initiative for the Next Generation (BING) is an invitation to connect, share and learn from others who are concerned with the next generation of farmers and farming. Whether you are a young apprentice, a practiced biodynamic farmer, anywhere in between, on or off the farm you are welcome to join us. We will explore the topic of "health" collectively through the principles and stages of the Theory U process developed by Otto Scharmer (www.presencing.org). The U journey is a framework and social form that illuminates what may be unconscious as well as what is possible in the world.
Farm-Based & Waldorf EducatorsMembers of the Farm-Based Educators Inspired by Anthroposophy (FBEIBA) as well as individuals involved in Waldorf education will meet to discuss integrating biodynamics into children's education and development. All educators will first meet together and then break into two conversation groups, one focused on farm-based education and the other focused on Waldorf schools.
Farmers Working with ApprenticesFarmers and gardeners who are mentoring apprentices are invited to network with peers and explore ways to make the apprentice experience a better one for both mentors and apprentices. We will be sharing challenges and best practices, and work together to help each of us develop our individual approaches to hosting apprentices.
Biodynamic Educators CollaborativeThe Biodynamic Educators Collaborative is a growing group of biodynamic educators from across North America who come together to collaborate and share, identify and nurture best practices, and encourage a deepening and cross-fertilization of philosophy, principles and practices. Current members as well as anyone interested in joining the collaborative are invited to participate in facilitated small group conversations related to developing ourselves as biodynamic educators.
Fellowship of Preparation MakersMembers of the Fellowship of Preparation makers and others actively involved in making biodynamic preparations are invited to discuss the current state of preparation making on the North American continent, how we can cultivate our inner selves in our work with preparations, and how preparation makers can support one another.
Agriculture SectionBiodynamics arose out of 8 lectures given by Rudolf Steiner in the last year of his life, just 6 months after he re-founded the Anthroposophical Society and inaugurated the School for Spiritual Science. Members of the Agriculture Section of this School will welcome conversation with anyone interested in learning about how biodynamics relates to the Anthroposophical Society and about the work of the Agriculture Section on this continent.
Quality Testing and Quality ResearchThis is a meetup for farmers, consultants, scientists and others who are working actively to evaluate the quality of soil, compost and food or who are interested in doing so, using quantitative and qualitative methods. This session will include a report on the Quality Testing Network which the Biodynamic Association is seeking to establish, as well as reports from others working in this field. We will also take time to explore deeper questions of what is quality and how one evaluates it.
Urban and Community Gardeners and FarmersMeet with gardeners and farmers from urban and suburban areas to share successes, challenges and questions -- agricultural, cultural, social, and economic -- related to growing food in these contexts.
Biodynamic Medicinal Herb GrowersEach herb plant has mastered a particular environmental challenge, and the forces that the plant uses to master that challenge become active as a challenge to the life body of the recipient of the herb. As the life body acts to master the herbal challenge, health is restored to the recipient. Please come to the group with anecdotes about how growing strategies of herbs under your care have enabled the plants to master environmental challenges in your growing area.
DemeterLOCALDemeterLOCAL is an education and small farm certification program of DemeterUSA. Its purpose is to provide the resources and support needed for farmers, educators, students, and community members to develop Biodynamic farming and products within their regional food shed. Recognizing that farmers themselves are the best teachers, the program utilizes the Demeter Farm Standard as a guide, and features an innovative low cost peer-to-peer certification assessment for farmers who sell their produce within 200 miles of their farm. Demeter's goal is to have 10 DemeterLOCAL chapters up and running within the next year.
Bridging Biodynamic Agriculture and Anthroposophic MedicineFarmers, health practitioners and others with a strong foundation in biodynamics or anthroposophic medicine are invited to explore the connections between these two fields, building on the pre-conference event on this theme. Please bring your thoughts on the following questions: What are the key overlaps or areas of activity bridging biodynamic agriculture and anthroposophic medicine? What are some examples of work currently being done in this shared field? How can anthroposophical medical insights support the work of biodynamic farmers and vice versa? How can practitioners in these two fields best collaborate? How can we strengthen this bridge in the future?
Anthroposophic Medicine for Animals and LivestockFarmers, anthroposophic doctors and others who are interested in using anthroposophic medicine with animals will meet to share animal health issues we are experiencing, explore how anthroposophic medicine can help biodynamic farming, and discuss the practical implications of using these medicines on farms.
Holistic Management and BiodynamicsExciting potential exists in the synergistic combination of Holistic Management and Biodynamics.  This group will share experiences and discuss possibilities for continued learning and advancing of practices.
Biography Work for a Healthy Social FutureAnyone interested in self-development and fostering healthy relationships is invited to discuss what biography work looks like in practice and explore how it can be applied in work and organizational life.
Permaculture and BiodynamicsMeet with others interested in the interface between permaculture and biodynamics, and discuss integrating principles and practices from both streams to aid in the development of holistic systems---the farm as a complete organism.
Latin American Biodynamic PractitionersAnyone working or living in Latin America is invited to discuss issues related to practicing biodynamics in the Central and South American contexts, especially the making and use of the biodynamic preparations in tropical and Equatorial climates.
Building Community Around FarmsAll who have a passion for building community around farms and inspiring people to feel that they belong to the earth through the gifts of nature are invited to share experiences, questions, concerns and hopes for the future. 
Biodynamic WritersBiodynamic writers -- whether you write a blog, a CSA newsletter, educational articles or books -- are invited to meet with others who are communicating biodynamics and "farming the living word" to share experiences and questions with one another. 

Don't see the interest group you want to meet with? There will be 15 tables available in the Regency Ballroom for self-organized meetups, so you can name your topic at the conference and invite others to join you. Look for the large signup sheet near the entrance to the ballroom.


Hyatt Regency Louisville , KY
United States