Friday, November 18, 2016



Event Description

The wisdom of the Aztec empire developed in Tenochtitlan in pre-Hispanic times was demonstrated in the arts, education, agriculture, and society, under leadership of the great Aztec priest Tlacaelel who, based on observation of the cosmos, managed to bring the human to deeper regions of consciousness and spiritual being. Aztec remedies, which are analogous to the biodynamic preparations developed in Europe, include preparations made with pumpkin stuffed with cow dung, pumpkin stuffed with cempasuchil flowers (Tagetes erecta), and coconut shell filled with cow dung. These preparations, as well as the knowledge reflected in the Aztec sun stone (better known as Aztec calendar), are an important support in developing biodynamic agriculture in Mexico. It is therefore important to share this alternative prehispanic Aztec knowledge with all those who practice biodynamic farming.

This workshop will be presented in English with simultaneous interpretation to Spanish.