Saturday, November 19, 2016 -
2:00pm to 3:30pm


Santa Fe Convention Center

Event Description

Using a unique blend of biodynamic agriculture, Holistic Management, and regenerative permaculture design, PEG farm project in Barbados is working to create a biodiverse working and living space on a landscape that was farmed in a monoculture of sugar cane for over 400 years. The farm incorporates holistically managed cattle with local blackbelly sheep, poultry, biodynamic preparations, compost, a host of indigenous pollinating plants and cover crops, gardens, and food forests to create a unique and thriving environment. Watershed renewal, water catchment, and wetland rehabilitation all use Keyline-inspired landscape patterns to catch and store and move water in a restorative way. This workshop will outline the projects’ achievements and vision in detail as well as give opportunities for participants to inquire, suggest, and inspire future results. We will also share our beginning research on how biodynamics can support and be supported by other systems like Holistic Management and Keyline/Permaculture design processes.