Barb has gardened, farmed and taught school since the 1970s in several different countries, continents, climates and cultures. Her vocational interests have often brought her to the intersection of poverty, racism, education, and agriculture. After serving in West Africa in the Peace Corps in the late 70s, she lived, worked and trained in biodynamic agriculture at Kimberton Hills Camphill Village in the 80s; then worked with campesino farmers in a biodynamic training center, CREAR, Centro Regional de Estudias Alternativas Rurales in the Dominican Republic; then farmed and gardened in New Mexico at Beneficial Farm CSA and Santa Fe Waldorf School, where she developed the Garden & Land Program before administering the high school and the school through 2012.

She and Greg Shultz raised their daughter, Celeste, as close to the land as possible, on biodynamic community farms and farm education projects, giving her a K-12 Waldorf education in New Mexico. 

Barb currently works as the School Advisor & Education Director at the Lakota Waldorf School on Pine Ridge Reservation in southwestern South Dakota. We stand with Standing Rock. In addition to teacher mentoring, and with the support of Meadowlark Hearth Community Farm, she has expanded the school's garden & land program. Lakota language and culture form the foundation of the school’s curriculum through a Lakota relationship between the people, the land, and the spirit world.

While at home in the wide open spaces of the West, her family home is Maine. She lives on a coastal fishing island where she raises Nigerian Dwarf goats, develops plant-based medicines, grows light root, gardens, while practicing and studying spiritual science with her friend, George. Living the simple life has allowed for the time and space to attune one’s senses to the genii loci of place—homestead, island, planet and beyond.