Devon and Craig Strong were raised in a remote desert valley (population 38) which shaped their early spirituality and relation to nature - and people. Where both brothers created self-determined lives, Devon pursued a ranching and farming life which included a strong Lakota tradition and work with many of the hooved animals, and Craig adapted to the marine environment after moving to the ocean at age 9 to became a marine scientist with degrees from U.C. Santa Cruz (Biology) and San Francisco State University (MSc Marine Sciences).  Though his work has taken him to the Eastern Tropical Pacific and Antarctica, Craig's home is in northern California and the Pacific Northwest. For the past 25 years he has run a small business monitoring populations of seabirds and marine mammals by conducting surveys off the open coast in a small boat. This has given him an intimate perspective on coastal oceanography and patterns of wildlife response to regional and climatic change along the coast.  He has published a number of scientific reports and also a spiritual children's natural history story, 'Sal Mo'.