Dennis Klocek offers the three week Consciousness Studies program every August at Rudolf Steiner College. For the rest of the year Dennis gives workshops on many themes in many communities here and abroad.

Dennis is the founder of Coros Institute, a not for profit organization that sponsors dialogues focused on how meditative life impacts one's work in the world. Three separate offerings each year cover themes in Biodynamics, esoteric practice and the alchemical world view and practices. Dennis also provides yearly long range weekly weather forecasts for agricultural interests in Sonoma County, California.

Dennis has written nine books with a new book just about to be published by Steinerbooks on the subject of esoteric physiology. The book is a compilation of thirteen Coros lectures on the human body.

Dennis has three grown sons. Stephan is a team leader at Google. Noah is an art director at Pixar. Ben owns a web design business. Dennis’ wife Barbara is a consultant for the Golden Valley Waldorf charter school in California.