Erin joined Demeter in 2013 to help “Heal the Planet through Agriculture”. Her childhood memories on her grandparent’s “philosophically organic” farm infused her with a deep passion for Horticulture. In her mid 20’s, she went from classroom to hands-on, building her first greenhouse and growing lots of food, flowers, and herbs on her heirloom nursery farm. Needing an educated market, she started her town’s first thriving farmer’s market and picked up accounts at restaurants and schools. Always a fan of brilliant minds and the intelligence of nature, she studied geniuses such as Rudolf Steiner and Viktor Schauberger. After 5 successful years farming, Erin took her work to a national level collaborating with leading organic food companies, non-profits, educational systems, thought leaders, chefs, and authors on nutrition, farming, food systems, and much more. The culmination of her work led her to partner with Demeter USA with the aligned mission to educate farmers, consumers, and retailers as the Farmer Education Coordinator and Raw Materials Matchmaker. Her other full time job includes being a mother, photographer, and social media storyteller.