Errol Schweizer has worked to build a more natural and organic food system for more than 20 years. A New York City native, Schweizer previously led the Grocery division at Whole Foods, where his team helped bring more than 6,000 new products to the U.S. marketplace, and assisted dozens of brands in becoming household names. Their focus on ethical sourcing and product innovation helped establish Fair Trade, Organic, and Non GMO as generational shifts in consumer preference, and set new milestones for quality and transparency in pet foods, cleaning products, HPP beverages, Kosher and Halal products, hemp, grass-fed dairy and eggs, vegan/plant-based ingredients, and much more. Errol also serves on the boards of several organizations dedicated to a better food system, including Demeter USA, Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation, City of Austin Food Policy Board and Farmshare Austin. His previous experiences include food cooperatives, community supported agriculture, urban gardening and many years of GMO labeling advocacy. He and his family reside on a small farmstead in Austin, Texas.