Hilary Higginbotham is a co-founder and organizer for the TN-KY DemeterLOCAL Chapter. As organizer, she is the liaison with Demeter USA, facilitates farmer training, oversees the peer certification process, is pursuing funding for the growth of the chapter, and guides the establishment of the circle of farmers, educators, landowners, prepmakers, homesteaders, and gardeners dedicated to working together to support the growth of Demeter-quality farming in the central Tennessee and Kentucky region. She also organizes community prepmaking in Nashville, based at Six Boots Collective. These two overlapping groups are the core of a growing community of biodynamic farms in Bells Bend, just outside of Nashville, that serve as a practical resource and collaborative space while encouraging people to learn about the Biodynamic preparations through hands-on immersion in the whole process: growing the herbs used in the preps, making all 9 preps on site, applying them on the land, and sharing them with community members who want to be involved in the process. Hilary has been involved in the Nashville farm community through cooperative growing projects and garden education—most recently of the biodynamic prep plants and medicinal herbs, foraging, and experiential garden education gatherings. She’s a student of Steiner, and has been learning about prepmaking with Gunther Hauk, Laura Riccardi, and Jeff Poppen.