Born in Alaska and raised in Colorado, Jeremy Tackett has pursued his passion for the outdoors and agriculture from a young age. In the last fifteen years, his focus has become healing the earth through biodynamic methods. Since settling in Manitou Springs with his family in 2012: Jeremy became a founding family member of the Mountain Song Community School, where he turned a parking lot into a thriving garden in less than a year, designed and taught biodynamic agricultural curricula to grades K-7, studied at Rudolf Steiner College in CA, and discovered an affinity for working with children; he then designed and co-created Flying Pig Farm in Manitou Springs, bringing in a diverse range of community members to farm and feast on a bi-weekly volunteer basis; and most recently, Jeremy, his family and team have been taken into the Sun Mountain Shala family, where he enjoys putting Steiner’s Agriculture Course into practice through his position as head agricultural artist.