Born and raised in northwest Ohio, Kim Snyder-Vine holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ., 1975; an Orientation Certificate in Anthroposophical Studies, from the Waldorf Institute of Mercy College, Detroit, MI., 1977; and a Four-Year Goetheanum Diploma from the London School of Speech Formation, London, U.K., 1983.  Prior to her Speech and Drama training, Kim studied speech privately in Chicago with Judith Pownall-Gerstein, from 1977-1979.  She has been teaching, performing and consulting in creative speech, drama, and hygienic speech, for children and adults, in private Waldorf and Waldorf-inspired charter schools and Waldorf teacher training institutes, artistic training centers, as well as other private and public venues, worldwide, since 1983.  Kim was a founding member of Portal Productions, London, UK and Alchymia Theatre, Chicago, IL.; she has also performed with, among others, Ashdown Eurythmy, U.K., The London Eurythmy Group, London, U.K., Midwest Eurythmy Group, Chicago, IL., Eurythmeum Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany and Lemniscate Arts, in conjunction with Eurythmy Spring Valley, Chestnut Ridge, N.Y.  Kim is presently an Artistic Core Group member of the Working of the Spirit international theatre initiative, a Lemniscate Arts project.  Her absolute favorite and most notable performance to date has been in the lead role of the proud mother/step-mother (and now step-grandmother) of three amazing and wildly creative, former Waldorf students.