Patricia Ann Davis is an American Indian elder. Her English name is Patricia Anne Davis, and her Dineh ceremonial name is “peacemaker”. She was born of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw-Chahta, and born to the Taa chii nii and Kii yaa aanii kinship families of the Navajo/Dineh Nation. Her maternal grandparents are Chahta, and her paternal grandparents are the Kii yaa aanii clan of the Dineh. She is an International Teacher and Healer by tribal lineage, training, and initiation. She translated Dineh blessedway ceremonial principles into an Indigenous Ceremonial Change Process to facilitate a healing process that is not coping, but correction of any out-of-balance conditions within people, society, or the environment. She designs presentations, training, ceremony, and workshops within the context of the natural order and Indigenous science, a concept from the literature to define a distinction between an Affirmative Thinking system and a Eurocentric Dualistic thinking system. The purpose is to reframe win-lose destructive and death-producing choices and decisions into win-win constructive and life-affirming choices and decisions. She designed an “Indigenous Ceremonial Change Process” to facilitate a reframe of thinking systems with these unifying principles:

  • Inclusive of all ethnic nationalities
  • Cross-cultural • Inter-generational
  • Restores resources to the next generation of youth
  • Universal in practical life application and can be translated into any language

She has traveled to 9 countries to teach the ICCP.