Dr. Steven Johnson has been an Integrative/Anthroposophic Physician for 23 years. His love for biodynamic stems from working on a biodynamic farm during his teenage years outside Toronto in a pioneering Camphill setting. After this he assisted in nutrition research at Tufts University, Human Nutrition Research Center with Framingham Heart Studies and finished his residency in Internal Medicine as Chief Resident at the University of MA. Through his career Dr. Johnson has developed extensive experience with medical plants from cultivation through to the subtle alchemical and pharmaceutical processes of making a medicine. 

He is currently president of the Physicians Association of Anthroposophic Medicine and a Board representative for the Academy of Integrative health and Medicine (AIHM).  He is an internationally respected lecturer, teacher, and physician and has dedicated himself to bridging anthroposophic and integrative principals into mainstream medicine. After creating one of the first successful models of Integrative Care in Louisville Kentucky, Dr. Johnson has recently joined the Fellowship Community in Spring Valley, New York which is an eldercare initiative dedicated to social therapy and community life where he hopes to have the opportunity to further research in the area of new alchemical approaches to plant cultivation and medicines and contribute to the development of new clinical models of care.