Zane is one of the Managing Partners  and owners of Buchi Kombucha based in Asheville, NC.  Buchi is the largest craft kombucha brewery on the East Coast. For the past eight years he has been a part of crafting Buchi kombucha to cultivate a culture -- both the billions of beneficial bacteria in our bottles as well as a thriving regenerative human culture that celebrates fermented foods.  By engaging in community centered commerce, he advocates that Buchi (and like-minded organizations) are joining a larger dialogue around our food system and living in a more symbiotic way with each other and our planet. As a founding member and current board member on Kombucha Brewers International,  the trade association for the kombucha industry, Zane has been influential in providing thought leadership, compliance protocols and outreach strategies As the son of immigrants, his success at this stage of his career is a direct result of focus, determination and deep community support.