Saturday, November 17, 2018 -
11:30am to 12:30pm



Event Description

.Take a fascinating journey following the evolution of wine through its millennium's long history — from its cradle, the Caucasus region where humanity first domesticated the vine about 8000 years ago, to the modern concept of natural and biodynamic wine. This workshop will explore: - Wine and spirituality: the evolution of the vision of the wine from ancient times (a means to connect to the divinity) to the modern holistic vision of natural wine - Evolution of the agricultural practices in the vineyards: from the ancient archaic viticulture  to the contemporary concept of biodynamic viticulture and other practices inspired by a holistic, natural and sustainable approach ( permacultaral practices, use of EM effective micro-organisms, essential oils, etc) - Evolution of the vine training systems: wild climbing vines, ancient systems of vine training, modern and post-modern systems - Evolution of the winemaking techniques: from the ancient qvevri and karasi in Georgia and Armenia, large clay vessels buried in the ground (so far the oldest winemaking facilities in the world), through the phases of the so-called modern and post-modern winemaking  (the rediscovery of the egg-shaped concrete vessels, contemporary clay and porcellane amphoraes, etc) - S02 ( sulphur dioxide) in wine: to be or not to be, this is the question- the controversial vision on this essential wine additive, past and present considerations.



Workshop Session D