Friday, November 16, 2018 -
3:30pm to 4:30pm



Event Description

Here in the Pacific Northwest, our hydrologic cycles have a dual nature of winter rainforest and summer desert. Forest management, suburbanization, and climate change have exacerbated this feast-or-famine dynamic with water availability. The Keyline water plan developed by P.A. Yeomans in Australia has important tools that farmers in arid growing climates can integrate into their farm design to store winter rainfall and runoff when it's abundant and then release through ditches, swales, ponds, and canals during the dry summer months to effectively drought-proof the landscape and contribute positive benefits to downstream neighbors. Seven Seeds Farm has nearly 20 years of whole farm and forest water management, which has greatly benefited the farm's productivity while increasing adjacent streamflow, creating wildlife habitat, helping raise local water tables in summer, and inspiring countless others to "farm water". This workshop will take participants on a journey through the theory, techniques, tools, and practical experiences to honor water and enliven this vital element as the gift that it is.



Workshop Session B