Saturday, November 17, 2018



Event Description

Join us for an introduction to Dr. Ehrenfeid Pfeiffer's Round Filter Chromatography and the Soil Food Web by Dr. Elaine Ingham. This workshop will cover the importance of the beneficial aerobic soil organisms, to build and maintain fertile, healthy, vibrant soils and composts. How can we use and integrate Round Filter Chromatography and the Soil Food Web, Fungal to Bacterial biomass ratios (F:B ratio) as a quality control tool to assess soil and compost? What similarities are there between the formative forces that appear in the chromatograms and the types of soil organisms present in a sample? We will then look at the role and the acquaintance of the biodynamic preparations regarding the cosmic intelligence and soil fertility. Participants will gain insight into a visual, picture forming and scientific approach to understanding soil fertility and quality.


Workshop Session E