Friday, November 16, 2018


Grand Ballroom West

Event Description

Goodfoot Farm is a small-scale, certified organic and Biodynamic® market farm in Western Oregon. In addition to blueberries, tree fruits, and diversified vegetable production, the farm is home to flocks of chickens and geese, several sheep, and three horses. In this workshop, farmer Beth will discuss the role of animals on a Biodynamic farm and explore how each of these species is put to work on her farm managing weeds, insect pests, and diseases, and providing fertility. She will discuss how to honor the individual expressions of these diverse animals and how to practice animal husbandry that makes sense in a busy farmer’s life. Also briefly covered will be the management of animals as it relates to the USDA National Organic Program standard and the Demeter Farm Standard, and food safety considerations for keeping animals on a produce farm. This workshop is geared to the small-scale grower and avid gardener; however principles can also be applied to larger operations.