Bill Day has worked in the grain industry for over 15 years, focusing on business models for specialty crops like quinoa, spelt, and other ancient grains and wheats. He is currently VP Specialty Products and Solutions for HB Specialty Foods and works directly with growers to connect them with brands looking for Biodynamic ingredients. Bill lives in Nampa, Idaho, with his wife Monika.
HB is a food ingredients business based in Nampa, Idaho focused on ‘Healthier and Better’ food solutions. They have facilities in Nampa, Beloit, Wisconsin, and Cookeville, Tennessee, as well as a JV partner in the Netherlands. They grow quinoa, waxy barley, waxy wheat, spelt, and Khorasan and have the technical and culinary resources to help our customers discover the best applications for these unique grains and seeds. Their goal is to be a full-service solutions provider for our customers — helping to solve challenges related sourcing, identity preserved, and product formulation, as well as packaging and co-manufacturing. We believe that as we help our customers grow, we are able to create more demand for Biodynamic agriculture, thereby supporting more growers and acres.