David grew up in the old Kentucky Suburb of Ft. Mitchell. Ever since he was a very young child he had a great love and concern for the life of nature. While in college to study painting David worked for the Northern Kentucky University Ecology Center. It was here, under the benevolent tutelage of Mark Leopold and Devin Schenk, that he discovered the joy of working outdoors in the elements of nature. After college, through a variety of events and insights, David realized the essential role that ecologically wise agricultural plays in human, environmental, and community health. He began gardening in his back yard and selling at farmer’s market that year. Admittedly there was not much to sell, but it was the beginning of a long journey into the world of farming, in particular vegetable growing. This is his 7th season farming vegetables. He is especially interested in the bio-dynamic approach to agriculture and is happy to share his experience with others. David currently lives in a cottage on the farm with his wife and young son.