Heberto Rodas Gaitán is from Guatemala, a professor and doctoral degree student in agricultural sciences at Autonomous University of Nuevo León, Mexico. His research is supported by the National Council on Science and Technology and focuses on biodynamic compost development (as compared with the traditional composting method) and the effect on regional crops growth. Three replications are carried out simultaneously in Germany and Guatemala that consider the study of different physical, biological, and chemical variables in the compost, soil, and plants.

Heberto began working in biodynamic agriculture in 2013 in Germany. After working a couple of years managing biodynamic greenhouses and publishing some articles (with a scientific approach) in different magazines, he decided to return to Latin America and continue working in biodynamic agriculture.

Currently, he is supporting bachelor students from Mexico and Guatemala. All research projects, developed together with the students, focus on organic/biodynamic agriculture. The various research projects he is carrying out are developed from small- to large-scale dimensions and consider universities, organic/biodynamic certified farms, and conventional fields that are interested in the agrochemical use elimination.

Every year, Heberto participates in various meetings, scientific conferences, and farmer gatherings in Latin America and Europe in order to share the research projects' results/advances, the biodynamic approach, and awareness of environmental protection. In 2016 he began teaching the new generations, organizing workshops for children 4-8 years old in which they learn the importance of the whole system and to respect every organism around us in order to heal and save the planet.