Moe Momtazi is the founder and owner of Maysara Winery and Momtazi Vineyard in McMinnville, Oregon. As pragmatic environmentalists, Moe and his wife Flora purchased their 496 acre plot of abandoned farm land in 1997 and started clearing the land without the use of chemicals. Moe’s passion for working with the land using only holistic farming techniques led to Momtazi Vineyard becoming Demeter Certified Biodynamic in 2005, and the winery in 2007. It’s been Moe’s long belief that healthy soil and healthy vines will produce superior grapes without the need for chemicals, minerals or man-made poisons. The consistent high-quality wines made from Momtazi Vineyards’ grapes strengthens the belief that his dedication to both terroir and Biodynamic farming practices are well worth the effort.