Currently, Pah-tu Pitt G. (Warm Springs and Wasco) works with Na’ah Illahee Fund on indigenous climate change resiliency, just transition, and tribal civic engagement at Na’ah Illahee Fund throughout the Pacific Northwest in urban and rural communities. She feels strongly about making resources more accessible and developing sustainable economies are essential for the future of tribes, native communities and the region as a whole. Past work experiences include experience with States, Tribes, the nonprofit and private business sector, and within academia. Through encouragement from other tribal members, she earned an degree in environmental science at Portland State University. At Evergreen State College, she earned a Master’s of Environmental Studies degree. Her research emphasized treaty rights, climate change, Traditional Ecological Knowledge, and management in connection with food sovereignty. Through the Yahowt program, she earned a permaculture certificate with a cohort of indigenous women. Additionally, she is co-owner of Native Kut, which emphasizes art and food sovereignty. Currently, she serves on her tribe’s education committee and Economic Ventures board.