Ronan is presently the operations manager for an Australia-wide NGO, where he manages programs in child protection, adoption, restoration, aged care, and disability. He has previously been the state manager of a national NGO specializing in the residential treatment of children and young people with substance use and mental health challenges, homelessness, and youth mentoring. He was a co-manager and therapist for an anthroposophical addiction clinic for a number of years.

Ronan founded his first biodynamic nursery in Ireland in 1980. This was again established in Australia in 1990, going on to further work in land reclamation and mine rehabilitation. He has had a lifelong interest in community development and volunteers his time for the Y Project (a youth initiative for 16-25-year-olds wanting to develop a healthy relationship to community) as a councilor. He was the administrator of the Sydney Rudolf Steiner College, where he taught Gender Studies and Biodynamics. Ronan also lectures at an anthroposophic/holistic therapist training college on the anthroposophical approach to addiction treatment.