Ryan Herring is a mechanical/plumbing piping designer for L&S Engineering. He and his family of 6 live in Spokane Valley, Washington. He worked for an indoor hydroponic cannabis farm, where he diagnosed plant health and made nutrients and specialty microbial teas and ferments for about 9 months. He graduated the Spokane Master Composter program in 2013 and graduated from the Spokane County WSU Master Gardener program in 2014. In 2015 he continued on his journey and obtained Permaculture Design Certificate from Skeeter Pilarski and the Inland Northwest Permaculture Guild, where he continues to be an active member. Ryan has also been teaching Soils and regenerative agriculture and gardening to the local community. Ryan has been active member in the regional Inland Northwest Biodynamic Group since the fall of 2014. Since then he has practiced/consulted on biodynamic farming and gardening in the Inland Northwest. Most recently, Ryan joined the Fellowship of Preparation Makers and the Evaluation Group that is part of the Fellowship.