Thomas was raised on a farm in the heart of Europe, in Switzerland. At age 16, he began a three-year apprenticeship as a journeyman landscape gardener with a focus on landscape design, construction, and maintenance; he graduated in 1989. Being a strong believer in continuous education, and after moving to Canada in 1995, Thomas was owner and operator of an award-winning landscape design, construction, and maintenance company for over a decade. To deepend his expertise, Thomas has also received training as a horticultural techinical, organic master gardener, and permaculture designer and teacher and has studied biodynamics and using Dr. Ehrenfried Pfeiffer’s Circular Chromatography method for quality control of compost and humus management systems. In 2015 Thomas started DynamicWholeScapes, which includes sustainable, edible, and beneficial landscapes with incorporation of permaculture principles and design methods; rainwater harvesting for outdoor and indoor use; education and workshops; and last but not least, organic soil solutions, along with biodynamic farming and gardening practices.