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North American Biodynamic Apprenticeship Program (NABDAP) Seeks Coordinator

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North American Biodynamic Apprenticeship Program (NABDAP) Seeks Coordinator

NABDAP is a project of the Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association (BDA). Its mission is to support the continuation of biodynamic farming in North America through the development of apprenticeship training opportunities. NABDAP provides a comprehensive training curriculum for those pursuing a career in biodynamic farming and offers support to farmers in their role as mentors and educators.

NABDAP is guided by an active steering committee. The steering committee develops the direction and guidelines of the program, recommends apprentices to the BDA for the awarding of diplomas, organizes educational events for farmer mentors, and supports the work of the NABDAP coordinator.

Position Description:
NABDAP seeks a Coordinator to begin work January 1st, 2010. This is a telecommuting position — the work is done via e-mail and phone. The role of the NABDAP Coordinator is to focus the program internally, working closely with the Steering Committee, Regional Coordinators, and staff of the BDA to represent the program verbally and in writing. The NABDAP Coordinator works with the Steering Committee and BDA staff to develop and carry out an annual work plan. The job includes the following specific tasks:

• Monitor and respond to inquiries from the website.
• Maintain student records; facilitate certification process by Steering Committee, assure prompt submission of paperwork to the BDA, and assure approval by the BDA.
• Convene monthly phone meetings of the Steering Committee for program planning and development. Create agendas and write up minutes for these meetings.
• Encourage good communication between mentor farmers, apprentices and Regional Coordinators.
• Work with BDA staff to integrate and harmonize NABDAP with the BDA’s other programs and projects.
• Develop an annual marketing plan in partnership with the BDA Communication Director. Write articles, post online advertisements, and do outreach for the Program in accordance with the annual marketing plan. Update the website as new farms join, add testimonials.
• Develop connections with the organic movement.
• Facilitate the review and adjustment of the Program as it progresses.
• Assist with event planning.
• Assist with fundraising efforts for the program, facilitate steering committee role in fundraising. Participate in billing and collection of fees and monitoring of annual program budget.

The Coordinator works an average of three to four hours a week, though this fluctuates depending on the time of year.

Applicants should be able to enthusiastically and articulately represent biodynamic agriculture. He or she needs to be self-motivated and flexible, with excellent organizational and communication skills. Applicants must be proficient in Word, Excel, and computers in general. Applicants must be able to start work by January 1st, 2011.

This is a 12-month contract for $4000.00. This amount is based on an average of three to four hours of work per week.

To Apply:
Send a resume, letter of motivation, and two references to Kimberly Barnes at by December 7, 2010.