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Introduction to Biodynamics

Biodynamic Calendars

Each includes background information on the relationship between plants, earth, and the cosmos, as well as practical instructions for using the calendar to plan your farming and gardening.

2016 North American Biodynamic Sowing and Planting Calendar, by Matthias Thun
2016 Stella Natura, edited by Sherry Wilfeuer
2016 Celestial Planting Calendar

Agriculture Course

While not an introductory book, Rudolf Steiner's "Agriculture Course," the series of lectures he gave to European farmers in 1924 that initiated the biodynamic movement, is a core text for understanding biodynamics. We recommend the following version, translated from the original German by Catherine E. Creeger and Malcolm Gardner. 

Agriculture: Spiritual Foundations for the Renewal of Agriculture, by Rudolf Steiner

Featured Book

Muck and Mind ~ Encountering Biodynamic Agriculture: An Alchemical Journey, by Jonathan Code

This book arose from the author’s engagement with core aspects of the biodynamic approach to land stewardship and from a deepened understanding for how working with the land, plants, and animals may become a catalyst not only for the transformation of compost and soil, but also for a transformation of consciousness.