Biodynamics Summer 2008 Cover

Focusing on research in biodynamic and organic agriculture, this issue touches on a topic of vital importance for the Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association and our movement as a whole.

With feature articles on recent research by Henning Sehmsdorf, Jennifer Reeve, and Walter Goldstein, this issue helps us consider how we can use the scientific process to bolster our understanding of biodynamic processes, while at the same time remaining open to other ways of perceiving and understanding the processes of the natural world. The Picture Forming Methods, discussed in Jennifer Greene's article on a new international association for furtherance of these methods, addresses one way we can try to perceive otherwise invisible energies. Columnist Don Tipping combines the lessons learned from his own on-farm experimentation with contemplation of the flowering process as an exercise in "reaching towards astrality." We also continue on with the second installments from Robert Karp and Gary Lamb and the third installment from Hartmut von Jeetze.


On-Farm Research: Biodynamic Forage Production on S&S Homestead Farm, Henning Sehmsdorf
Analysis of effects of biodynamic preparations on soil pH

Effects of the Preparations on a Biodynamic Vineyard, Jennifer Reeve

High Methionine Corn, Walter Goldstein
Results of poultry feeding trials using high methionine corn

Transforming Capital in the Sustainable Food and Farming Movement, Robert Karp
Fostering a healthy circulation of capital

The Threefold Nature of Social Life, Gary Lamb
Considering the whole of society from a threefold perspective

Land Community and Human Community, Hartmut von Jeetze
Interrelationship of linked impulses

The Pullet's Surprise: Or, Which Came First and What's to Come?, John Bloom
Biodynamic farming and quality of consciousness


In the News
Biodynamic agriculture in the United States and around the world, and other related news

What Does It Mean to Be a Member of the Agriculture Section?, Sherry Wildfeuer

Organization Profile, Jennifer Greene
International Association for the Picture Formign Methods

Meeting Overview, Heinze Grotzke
2008 Dornach Agricultural Conference

Ueli Hurter
"The Spiritual Sovereignty of the Farmer," presented in Dornach


Letter from the National Office, Charles Beedy

Seed Saving, Don Tipping
Reaching Towards Astrality: The Flowering Process

Seasonal Recipe, Anthony Lo Pinto
Summer fruit stew


. . . Our future depends upon our choice between death forces and life forces; upon whether or not we will return in humility to the soil. The great questions are: Will we return to a philosophy of life which lays stress upon growth? Will our youth be educated in the spirit of growing things, and of services to life? Will they learn that it means more than money to plant our seeds and harvest our crops? If the right inner attitude towards the soil penetrates the human race again, a renaissance of rural life will begin, and not only will new resources be created for our population, but spiritually we will be ‘safe’.

Ehrenfried Pfeiffer, Bio-Dynamic Gardening and Farming, Vol. I (Mercury Press, 1983)