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Essentials of Organic and Biodynamic Dairy Farming (Pre-Conference)

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Featuring Steffen Schneider, Hawthorne Valley Farm, and Altfrid Krusenbaum, Krusen Grass Farms

Two veteran dairy farmers — an organic farmer with 150 cows in Wisconsin, and a biodynamic farmer with 60 cows in New York — will cover key aspects of dairying out of their respective 30+ years of practical experience. Grounded in examples from each of our farms, we will share insights on seasonal dairying, developing the whole farm organism, integrating biodynamic practices, fertility management, grazing management, biodynamic feeding principles (based on Steiner’s indications in lecture eight of the Agriculture Course), and supporting and maintaining animal health. We will also discuss ways to inspire and train the next generation of dairy farmers, including apprenticeship and share milking programs.

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2012 North American Biodynamic Conference
Thu, 11/15/2012 - 1:00pm to 6:00pm
Monona Terrace
United States