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Working with the Cosmic Rhythms (Pre-Conference)

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Thursday, November 15, 2012 -
1:00pm to 6:00pm


Event Description

Featuring Dennis Klocek, Coros Institute

The use of cosmic rhythms is a valuable tool for seeing into the relationships that unfold in nature. This workshop will begin with an image of a leaf as an image of the solar signature. Using the Sun as the fundamental rhythm of the seasons we will look at a typical month from a planting calendar. Please bring a planting calendar to the workshop. Using the calendars as a basis we will look at the seasonal solar signatures as keys to the larger rhythms of the growing season. Explanations of the astronomical symbols found in planting calendars will be accompanied by presentations on the principles of agricultural astronomy. Once the solar rhythm is revealed the lunar rhythm will be added to illustrate how the monthly oscillations in the natural world are mirrors of the solar cycles. Understanding these key rhythmic signatures makes it possible to see more deeply into the ever changing phenomena of nature. The conscious use of cosmic rhythms forms a firm basis for a rational approach to work on the land.


Monona Terrace
United States