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Wednesday, November 14, 2012 -
9:00am to 5:45pm


Angelic Organics Farm, Caledonia, IL
United States

Event Description


Featuring John Peterson, Angelic Organics Farm

Do farms really represent an opportunity for social and cultural renewal? And if so, how can this opportunity be realized? In this day-long field day and participatory workshop, biodynamic farmer, author, social artist and star of the Real Dirt on Farmer John will give a richly entertaining tour of his farm and share from his 40+ year inquiry into the social and cultural dimension of agriculture. How do we work together on the farm?  How can we work with the built spaces on the farm to help us work together in more vital and imaginative ways? What role did the first goetheanum designed by Rudolf Steiner or the Italian Alps play in the evolution of these spaces? Don’t miss this unique opportunity to experience Angelic Organics farm in social and culinary action and immerse yourself in the fecund and creative mind of one of our leading biodynamic farmers and cultural catalyzers!

The workshop will begin at 9am and conclude at 5:45pm, followed by dinner.

Buses are available to take participants from Madison to Angelic Organics and back. View bus information here.

Recommended reading for this workshop: Steiner's Bees and Awakening to Community. This latter series of Steiner's lectures were delivered shortly after the First Goetheanum burned, and they offer uncharacteristically blunt insights by Steiner into the struggles, shortcomings and power of community.