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nature spirts during winter

i was curious how plants grow indoors or in greenhouses during winter months if all the nature spirits (gnomes, sylphs, etc) are tucked away in the ground? my understanding is that plants cannot grow without the spirits. so do some of the nature spirits not get to dwell in the ground and almost have to be available year round? if so how does this affect them? would it be like us not sleeping at night and working for 24 hrs straight?
i have always wondered this just haven't got around to asking.

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nature spirits during winter

I share your interest in this question! One of my goals for my home garden is to eat at least once a week from it, every week of the year. Of course in a place such as Boone, NC, where I began this experiment, there were weeks at a time when snow collapsed my little plastic-covered hoops, and the cold-hardy greens waited and had to recover when it thawed, and I could re-erect the crop covers. They were very sluggish! As if asleep. But very alive. It amazed me how many months these plants could wait and wait and slowly develop until we took a leaf or two for a salad.
But this doesn't answer your question, which is about the activities of the elementals in winter, and how they interact with growing things in man-made environments. Unfortunately, I am unable to perceive the elementals directly, but I do try to observe their effects. What I have noticed, and keep as a personal observation, is that the conditions in which plants are tended call forth their respective vigor of life, which indicates activity of these elemental nature spirits. The quality of that life, of course, is different, whether the plant is growing at full vigor under the summer sun or is responding to the endless kilocalories we burn to sustain a warm winter environment indoors. You can tell by how different the food tastes. In a sense, I wonder if we summon the available elementals--like, when I draw a bath (or shower, for that matter) I am creating the environment for water spirits to play. But turn off the tap, and that play changes into a form I can no longer see the effects of, disappears.
I wonder if the winter greenhouse environment forcibly summons elementals to duty; one imagines their sacrifice, coming when called, out of season. One would imagine the food would thereby have different characteristics as well, when compared with open-growing food crops. Winter grown food does indeed taste different!

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Nature Spirits

You always have such great questions. For more insight into Nature spirits, check out the lecture cycle: 'The Spiritual Hierarchies and their Reflection in the Physical World' lectures from 1909.

There is talk of Kant/Laplace, the Bhagavad Gita, the Holy Rishis, Christ, Buddha, how actual light is invisible and much, much more. Steiner gives deeper insight into the entire anthroposophical cosmology in these talks. These lectures may lead you to the answers your looking for. Tremendous food for thought, you'll love it...

They can be found here:

There is an audio version here:

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