Thursday, November 21, 2019



Event Description

This event will consist of three parts and will focus on different aspects of Biodynamic Banana Production. Tadeu Caldas will present and explain the biodynamic farm organism on banana plantations. Due to the current events in the banana sector, he will also discuss management strategies for disease control in banana plantations.

The middle section René Piamonte will discuss the personal relationship for long lasting fertility in tropical ecosystems through biodynamic preparation and practices. He will give an overview of the different possibilities to work with biodynamic preparations and share his experiences.

Finally, the banana plant is examined and questioned from a Goethean perspective. In the third part of the lecture, Klaus Merckens discusses the forms, colors and expressions of the banana plant.

After the lectures there will be a discussion between the participants and the speakers.

This workshop is part of Demeter International's Biodynamic Banana Conference.


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