Wednesday, November 20, 2019 -
8:00am to 6:00pm


Camphill Village Copake

Event Description

Join us as we explore the farm organism at Camphill Village in Copake, NY. Beginning with an introduction to the community, we will then tour the various land areas: the healing plant herb and flower garden, which grows and processes herbs into teas, tinctures, salves, and more; Turtle Tree Biodynamic Seed Initiative, where Biodynamic seeds are grown, selected, cleaned, and sold to farms across the US; the Sunny Valley dairy, which provides milk for the community, possibly the only hand-milked herds of its size in the US; the vegetable garden, which provides fresh vegetables for the community; and the Forestry and Estate, which cares for the forests and wetlands that surround the village, doing many essential community land tasks, as well as producing firewood and maple syrup for the community and beyond. There will be many chances to ask questions from those managing the various areas and to get a view into the farm organism in our valley. Lunch will be provided from the Camphill Village Cafe.

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Travel Time: Please note that travel time for this field day, from the conference center, will be approximately 2 hours each way via bus. Please plan on arriving to the bus departure point at 8:00 am (after registering) to ensure a smooth check-in process. If you plan on driving to the field day in your own vehicle please contact Raphael at to coordinate.