Friday, November 22, 2019 -
3:30pm to 5:00pm


Diamond Island

Event Description

The effects of biodynamic methods have been tested in long-term experiments in Sweden, Germany, and Switzerland, as well as in Washington State and Wisconsin, by the presenter. The results have shown an accumulation of carbon in the form of soil organic matter related to the use of biodynamic methods. Recently, results of a three-year trial in Washington and a six-year trial in Wisconsin have become available. These experiments showed that use of biodynamic preparations increased root growth and benefited plant growth and soil biology. Large effects on root growth were associated with multiple applications of preparations, including a cow-manure, nettle, and herbal preparation-based compound preparation (NCP). This combination had a yield-balancing effect on the yields of wheat and corn. Use of biodynamic preparations may help strengthen climatic resilience and carbon sequestration. The result suggest that the application of preparations including the NCP should be tested on multiple sites to examine their effects. A simple model for on-farm research will be suggested that utilizes repeated soil measurements on established station sites in fields.



Workshop Session B