Thursday, November 21, 2019 -
1:00pm to 4:30pm



Event Description

We believe that herbal apothecaries are needed within all communities and that farmers/gardeners play an important role with access to growing and preparing medicinal herbs. This presentation will include detailed information on cultivating, harvesting, processing, and preparing herbs such as solomon's seal, black cohosh, schisandra, and Siberian ginseng--herbs which are not readily available in the U.S. and are in high demand in communities — as well as more commonly grown herbs such as yarrow, calendula, dandelion, and holy basil. We will discuss the details of herb drying and processing including setting up and managing a drying room on-farm, as well as guidelines for making oils, salves, tinctures, and glycerites. Participants will get the chance to taste and sample a diversity of herbal products and view detailed photos from our Biodynamic® medicinal herb farm, including processing and drying rooms. We will weave in the broader significance of revitalizing herb-growing and community apothecaries, including but not limited to the benefit to community members and customers, benefit to the soil, benefit to the pollinators and wildlife, and benefit to the farmer or grower. Bring your questions about growing, drying, and processing medicinal herbs for a lively discussion and Q&A. This workshop is open to any farmer or gardener interested in growing and using medicinal herbs in their community.


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