Emerson Martin in the co-owner of Woven Stars Farm. Emerson grew up on a small goat dairy in Massachusetts. His deep love for the natural world influenced he pursuit of a BS in environmental design with a concentration in horticulture. Following university studies, he moved to the Hudson Valley to deepen his understanding of biodynamic agriculture. In addition, he has been a member of the Hudson Valley Biodynamic Group since 2012. Emerson founded Woven Stars Farm with his partner Lizzie Galeucia. This diversified farm in the the Hudson Valley of New York State has a deep dedication to the practice of biodynamics. The farm is home to a multi-species grazing operation including sheep, cattle, goats, chicken, and hogs. In addition, the farm grows a variety of certified organic mushrooms. Woven Stars adheres to biodynamic principles and practices during the daily rhythms of the farm. Additional information can be found at