Jean-David Derreumaux has been involved with farming, plants, and biodynamics all his adult life—in the context of the Camphill Community in France and the US for a number of years, and in other contexts since 2005. For the last 22 years, he has centered his work around medicinal plants and the creation of healing gardens and associated workshops. First in Camphill Village Copake ("The Healing Plant"), then 11 years at The Center for Discovery, and now at Churchtown Dairy for the third season. Daniele Laberge (a biodynamic herbalist in Quebec) and Dennis Klocek have been his close mentors all along, supporting his fascination for the deeper reality of the plant kingdom. Jean-David currently grows medicinal plants on a 1.5-acre healing garden setting in the beautiful context of Churchtown Dairy in the Hudson Valley where he lives with his wife Karen. He takes apprentices every year.