Jennifer Greene is the founder and Director of the Water Research Institute and is an internationally recognized contributor to the understanding and scientific explication of water as a purveyor of life, with over 40 years of experience as educator and environmentalist. She provides consulting services to social and environmentally responsible businesses, NGOs, and government agencies in the US and abroad. As a speaker at conferences such as the early Bioneers Conferences and at four of the last World Water Forums, she has been effective in bringing an appreciation of water and the necessary understanding of the conditions that water needs to do its work in order to serve life. Greene helped to coordinate the central exhibit of FotoFest 2004 Water, in Houston, Texas, bringing the work of Theodor and Wolfram Schwenk and the Institute for Flow Sciences to the US. Under her direction, the Water Research Institute in Blue Hill (WRI), Maine, carries on research and presents water phenomena workshops around the world. WRI is an incubator for new concepts of good water and operates in association with Schwenk's Institute for Flow Sciences in Germany. WRI also works with the Drop Picture Method, developed by Theodor Schwenk, which characterizes good-quality drinking water by its mobility. She is also a co-worker with the Constructed Wetlands Group, a company that works in wastewater management, specifically using common and native reeds to treat sludge. Under this company's aegis, 5 million square feet of constructed wetlands have been built in 23 states. The Reed System has the approval of state and national regulatory agencies.