Thursday, November 21, 2019 -
1:00pm to 4:30pm



Event Description

We can see how the natural world interacts within the compost cosmos through different impulses that can be input with our intentions and understanding of the nature of compost itself. To explore the individual possibilities, since a windrow it's a being in itself, separate and different from the rest which held all this alchemical life processes. Throughout the course of this workshop, we will explore how to deepen into the life processes and exchanges among the many forms of life that co-create in the compost; how to improve the ignition of the process, starting with the understanding of the raw materials themselves; the importance of cow manure and differences between "vegetable" compost and "animal" compost; the pathway for industrial production of high-quality compost; how life processes work; how to understand soil language and expression through the plants that grow on it; jow to regenerate soil as we produce; and the potential for using compost extracts and green manures, the potential of using them as a foundation for regenerative agriculture.


Pre-Conference Workshops