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Event Description

The Anthropocene was crystallized during European colonization through the emergence of the capitalist world economy, leaving scars on whole peoples, the land, and our spirits. This extractive economy based on industrial activity has depleted soil, soul, and seed, temporarily overshadowing the regenerative and mutualistic ways of Being, Doing, and Knowing that once thrived in symbiotic relationship. How do we harness our collective grief, anger, desire, longing, and remarkable resilience towards “right stewardship”? We will explore our mutual and universal stories of death, grief, and rebirth as peoples connected to land in a generative space dedicated to rebalancing our relationships with one another in direct relationship to healing the land. We will explore how land dispossession, enslavement, and exploitation of land have led to the current climate crisis, envisioning and co-creating approaches to compost and bioremediate the colonial, racist, and patriarchal landscape. We will weave our collective stories as a call to our ancestors and ideate concrete actions on how we can heal the grief in our lineages in ways that make a direct impact through wealth redistribution and right stewardship.


Workshop Session A