Farming for Health

What is health, and how do we nurture and enhance it in every aspect of our farms and gardens?

How can we sense, measure, and enhance the quality of our soil and food?

What can ecological farming and holistic health learn from and offer each other?

Join us as we draw from biodynamic wisdom to explore the intimate connections between the health of soil, plants, animals, and people.

The North American Biodynamic Conference is the foremost opportunity in North America to learn about biodynamics, along with innovations from organic, permaculture, and ecological agriculture. Every other year, hundreds of farmers, gardeners, educators, activists, and food lovers gather in a new region for dynamic keynote presentations, informative and practical workshops from leading farmers and educators, on-farm field days, community-building, exhibitors, festive music, film screenings, and locally-sourced biodynamic and organic foods. This is a unique opportunity for people new to biodynamics, as well as those interested in organic or sustainable farming and gardening, to learn more about the biodynamic approach to agricultural renewal. We are thrilled to be bringing the conference to Louisville, Kentucky in 2014, home to a burgeoning local food movement and close to several biodynamic farms.

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