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Children at the Conference

Families with children are welcome and encouraged to participate in the conference. Children 17 and under may attend the conference free of charge, but must be registered with and accompanied by a parent or guardian and wear a conference name badge at all times. Please indicate names and ages of all children you will be bringing when registering.


Childcare and children's activities in the Waldorf tradition will be led by our Childcare Coordinator Marianne Else. Marianne has years of experience as an Eurythmist, family coach, home schooling facilitator and artist. Childcare will be offered onsite at the Hyatt Regency in a secure room during the following times:

  • Thursday, November 13: 8:30am-7pm
  • Friday, November 14: 8:30am-7pm
  • Saturday, November 15: 8:30am-7pm
  • Sunday, November 16: 8:30am-11:30am

There is no charge for childcare, but donations to support the time of the care providers are appreciated. Children must be at least 3 years old and fully toilet trained in order to participate in childcare. The room will be staffed with two care providers at all times. Parents must sign a liability release before leaving children in the childcare room.


Children participating in the childcare program will have access to a variety of Waldorf-inspired toys and free-play activities, such as a play kitchen, wooden toys, dress-up garments, games and other toys that foster imagination. In addition, we will have materials for children to engage in different art and creativity projects, including knitting, crocheting, painting and drawing. Finally, Marianne will lead the children in eurythmy and will provide art lessons for the children. 

In order to ensure that all children are able to enjoy creative and social play we ask that you leave all electronic devices (iPads, iPods, video game players, etc) in your hotel room. However, children are welcome to bring a loved doll or snuggly. Thank you! 


Light snacks will be served in the childcare room. Child box lunches and dinners are available for advance purchase when registering for the conference at $10 per meal. Child box meals will be delivered to the childcare room.

We recommend that older children with larger appetites sign up for the regular conference meal plan.

Feel free to contact Erin at erin@biodynamics.com or (262) 649-9212 x13 with any questions or concerns about childcare at the conference.