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Workshop Session 1

Friday, Nov. 14, 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

A Way of Knowing as a Way of Healing — Craig Holdrege

Alchemical Principles of the Biodynamic Preparations — Dennis Klocek

Biodynamic Winegrowing — Sarah Black, Joseph Brinkley, Ned Horton, Will Stapp

Farm-Based Education Inspired by Anthroposophy — Dana Burns, Matt Davis, Bente Goldstein, Traci Purtin, Nicki Robb

Our Agrarian Future: A Converation with Mary Berry — Mary Berry, with Robert Karp

Pfeiffer Soil Testing Revisited — Hugh Lovel

Plain Speaking the Language of Biodynamics — Cynthia Hoven

Securing Capital from Social Investors — Tera Johnson, David Miller, Don Shaffer, Woody Tasch

The Synergy of Livestock on Farms, Orchards and Vineyards — Kelly Mulville

Understanding and Using the Nine Biodynamic Preparations — Hugh Courtney, Lloyd Nelson

Understanding Health and Disease in Soil and Plants: A Biodynamic Approach — Walter Goldstein

Who Are the Animals Really? — Steffen Schneider

Why I Farm Biodynamically — Janet Gamble, Lincoln Geiger, Mac Mead

Workshop Session 3

Saturday, Nov. 15, 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Biodynamic Solutions to Pest Problems — Hugh Courtney

Building Biodynamic Soil — Jeff Poppen

Composting as a Free Deed: Being and Becoming — Bruno Follador

CowSignals and Subtle Signs of Animal Health — Hubert Karreman

Geomancy and the Health of the Biodynamic Organism — Karen Davis-Brown

Rudolf Steiner, Wendell Berry, and the Resettling of America  — Steffen Schneider, Rachel Schneider

Starting, Growing and Maintaining a CSA: Lessons from the Founding Generation — Jean-Paul Courtens, Janet Gamble, Lincoln Geiger, Elizabeth Henderson, John Peterson

Terrestrial and Cosmic Nutrition: Why Biodynamics Is a Great Help for Spiritualizing Our Thinking — Gunther Hauk

The Biodynamics of Health: The New Ecology — Steven Johnson, DO

The Economics of Sacred Agriculture — Henning Sehmsdorf

The Emerging Biodynamic Marketplace — Elizabeth Candelario

Urban Biodynamic Farming for Healthy Food and Thriving Communities — Daron "Farmer D" Joffe

Workshop Session 4

Saturday, Nov. 15, 2:00 - 3:30 pm

Biodynamic Education and the Tria Principia — Jonathan Code

Farming with Empathy — Jean-Paul Courtens

Farming with the Demeter Biodynamic Standard — Jim Fullmer

Integrating Vegetable Seed Saving in your CSA or Market Garden — Cory Eichman, Paul Entwistle

Making the Soil, Food, Health Connection — Patrick Holden

No-Till Permaculture Systems for Staple Crop Production — Susana Lein

Soil Health and Human Fertility — Dawn Combs

The Medicinal Qualities and Healing Gifts of the Biodynamic Preparations — Deb Soule

Understanding the Nature of the Vortex — Jennifer Greene and Johnathan Swan

Vines and Ovines — Jaime Irwin

Working with Cosmic Rhythms and Planting Calendars — Harald Hoven, Sherry Wildfeuer

Young Biodynamic Farmers — Monique Blais, Sara Patterson, Andrew Stewart, Eric Wooldridge with Farmer John Peterson