Find out more about our 2012 Biodynamic Conference here.

"It was an amazing coming-together of amazing people and thought in an amazing environment. And we are sure we will be drawing from and building on our experiences and meetings for a good while to come..."

"The conference as a whole was extremely well done and had a strong effect on many people, far beyond the content, which was secondary to the 'juice' flowing between participants — it was a truly social conference; well done!"

"I want to tell you that the conference was life-changing for me. It was the first I had ever attended. My prior knowledge of biodynamics was largely through using the Stella Natura calendar and reading the essays included there. The breadth and depth of the content was so stimulating to a newcomer like me."

"It was a profound experience for me. I learned that a tribe exists which combines my love for cultivating plants & caretaking animals with my love for esoteric spiritual mysteries...literally, heaven and earth converged around me! THANK YOU!!!!"

"This year's BD conference was one of the most beautifully and well-run conferences I have ever seen! It was flawless, gentle yet strong wise and human. It was remarkable."

"A big heartfelt 'thank you' to everyone who brought it into motion. Well worth the trip, both physically AND mentally."

"I am still digesting all the richness of the conference. It certainly helps to attempt to tell others of all I encountered, felt and began to many dots connected. It was a very inspiring experience during a time when one also sees so much division and destruction in the world. This was a magical and sturdy seedling. I thank all who were involved from planners to attendees."