Pre-Conference Workshops

Wednesday, 9am to 5:45pm, followed by dinner, at Angelic Organics Farm, Caledonia, Illinois

Co-sponsored by Angelic Organics Farm and Learning Center

  1. Re-connecting to the Earth: A Farm-Based Education Intensive (FULL) – Gunther Hauk, Spikenard Farm and Honeybee Sanctuary; Tom Spaulding and Deb Crockett, Angelic Organics Learning Center and Dana Burns, Farm-Based Educators Inspired by Anthroposophy 
  2. Awakening to the Social Organism of the Farm: A Field Day and Workshop (FULL) – Farmer John Peterson, Angelic Organics Farm

Thursday, 1pm to 6pm, at Monona Terrace, Madison, Wisconsin

  1. Seeds and Breeds: Breeding for the Future of Agriculture - Walter Goldstein, Mandaamin Institute; Craig Holdrege, Nature Institute; Julie Dawson, Cornell University; Harald Hoven, Rudolf Steiner College and Dana Burns, Healing Traditions Veterinary Services
  2. Essentials of Organic and Biodynamic Dairy Farming - Steffen Schneider, Hawthorne Valley Farm and Altfrid Krusenbaum, Krusen Grass Farms
  3. Systems for Managing a CSA Farm - Jean-Paul Courtens, Roxbury Farm and Janet Gamble, Turtle Creek Gardens
  4. Working with the Cosmic Rhythms - Dennis Klocek, Coros Institute
  5. Introduction to Biodynamic and Sustainable Beekeeping - Gunther Hauk, Spikenard Farm and Honeybee Sanctuary
  6. Food Rights, Food Freedom - Max Kane, Vernon Hershberger, Mark Kastel, Elizabeth Rich, John Moody, Ajna Wilson, Alvin Schlangen, Mark Zinniker, Liz Reitzig, Gayle Loiselle and David Gumpert, Moderator
  7. Understanding and Using the Nine Biodynamic Preparations – Hugh Courtney and Lloyd Nelson


Conference Workshops

Session One: Friday 11-12:30

  1. BD Basics: Core Concepts and Practical Applications – Laura Riccardi Lyvers
  2. Why I Farm Biodynamically – Jean-Paul Courtens, Mac Mead and Steffen Schneider
  3. Running a Successful Fruit Enterprise within a Closed Biodynamic FarmHugh Williams
  4. A Farmer's Search for the Divine Feminine – Walter Moora
  5. Discovering the Principles of the Biodynamic Preparations – Malcolm Gardner
  6. Introduction to Sustainable and Biodynamic Beekeeping – Gunther Hauk
  7. Water Dynamics on the Farm: From the Profane to the Sacred – Chris Tebbutt
  8. The Economics of a Small-Scale Self-Sufficient Biodynamic Farm – Henning Sehmsdorf
  9. Farm-Based Communities for Education, Healing and Social Change – Janey Newton, Miriam MacGillis, Tom Spaulding, Farmer John Peterson, Verna Kragnes and Martin Ping, Moderator
  10. Solar Energy Based Farming with Draft Horses and Community – Stephen and Gloria Decater
  11. Hopi Wisdom for the Future of Agriculture – Micah Loma’omvaya (invited)


Session Two: Friday 2-3:30

  1. BD Basics: Barefoot Astronomy for Farmers & Gardeners – Barry Lia
  2. Chaos, Calcium and Silica: Transforming a Conventional Hog Farm through Biodynamics – Phillip Lyvers
  3. A Whole Farm Approach to Biodynamic Grain Production – Uli Hack and Chris Boettcher
  4. Sacred Earth: The Spiritual Scientific Foundations of Biodynamics – Jim Barausky and Rachel Schneider
  5. The Biodynamic Preparations and the Alchemical Mysteries of the Cow – Matias Baker
  6. Urban Agriculture, Sacred Gardens and the African American Experience – Venice Williams
  7. Putting Community Back in CSA – Stephen and Gloria Decater, Dan Guenthner, Margaret Pennings, Farmer John Peterson and Verna Kragnes, Moderator
  8. Deep Transition: Spiritual Perspectives on Preparing for a Post-Carbon Future – Miriam MacGillis
  9. On-Farm Habitats for Conservation and Production – Conrad Vispo, Claudia Knab-Vispo and Claudio Gratton
  10. Best Practices for On-Farm Mentoring: Working with Interns and Apprentices – Cory Eichman, Janet Gamble, Harald Hoven, Henning Sehmsdorf and Thea Maria Carlson, Moderator
  11. Introduction to Biodynamic Winegrowing – Paul Dolan  
  12. Discovering the Intrinsic Nature of Water – Jennifer Greene


Session Three: Saturday 11-12:30

  1. BD Basics: Understanding and Using the Nine Biodynamic Preparations – Hugh Courtney and Lloyd Nelson
  2. BD Basics: Biodynamics and the Four Elements – Dennis Klocek 
  3. Ninjas in the Field: Success Stories from Young Biodynamic Farmers – Kevin Dietzel, Amber Lippert, Daphne Kingsley, Chris Velez and Paula Manalo, Moderator 
  4. Essentials of Organic and Biodynamic Dairy Farming – Steffen Schneider and Altfrid Krusenbaum
  5. Creating Age Appropriate Farm-Based Education Curricula – Stephen Payne and Dana Burns
  6. Results of Research with the Biodynamic Preparations – Dr. Jeffrey Endelman, Dr. Walter Goldstein, Dr. Jose Ma. Anguiano Cardenas, Dr. Jose Manuel Palma Garcia and Sarah Weber, Moderator
  7. Bees, Borage and Biodynamics: Sensing the Sacred in Your Own Backyard – Anne-Marie Fryer and Susan West Kurz
  8. Innovative Ownership Models for Farms and Businesses – Cecil Wright, Wali Via, Clifford Kurz and John Bloom, Moderator
  9. Bison, Biodynamics and Native American Wisdom – Devon Strong and Arvol Looking Horse
  10. Biodynamic Permaculture – Mark Shepard  


Session Four: Saturday 2-3:30

  1. BD Basics: Biodynamics and Deep Ecology – Tom Griffin
  2. Systems for Managing a CSA Farm – Jean-Paul Courtens and Janet Gamble
  3. The Art of Developing the Individuality of the Farm – Mac Mead and Hugh Williams
  4. Spiritual Traditions and Biodynamics – Wali Via, Devon Strong, Miriam McGillis and Karen Davis Brown 
  5. The Biodynamic Preparations and the Seven Life Processes – Cory Eichman and Mark Ross 
  6. Introduction to Biodynamic Composting – Jim Barausky 
  7. Agriculture 3.0: A Conversation About the Future of Agriculture – Steffen and Rachel Schneider 
  8. Developing Healing Gardens – Jean-David Derremeaux and Deb Soule
  9. Biodynamics in Mexico –  Dr. Jose Ma. Anguiano Cardenas, Berenice Escobar, Eduardo Rincón, Ferdinand Vondruska and Sarah Weber, Moderator
  10. Living in the Gift: The Interface of Money and Farming – Charles Eisenstein