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The Biodynamic Association (BDA) is a nonprofit association of individuals, groups, and organizations who are committed to rethinking agriculture through healthy food, healthy soil, and healthy farms. Founded in 1938, the BDA is considered to be the oldest sustainable agriculture organization in North America. Biodynamics was developed in the early 1920s by the Austrian philosopher and social reformer Rudolf Steiner. Steiner is considered one of the pioneers of the organic farming movement and biodynamics is considered by many to be the most advanced and holistic form of organic farming and gardening on the planet. Over the past 75 years, biodynamic practitioners have played a key role in the renewal of agriculture—helping pioneer the early organic farming movement; inspiring the work of Silent Spring author Rachel Carson; piloting the first community supported agriculture (CSA) programs; and demonstrating how to bring health and flavor back into our food.



Keynote Speakers

Daphne Miller, MD

Integrative primary care physician, professor, ecological advocate, and author of Farmacology: What Innovative Family Farming Can Teach Us About Health and Healing

Patrick Holden

Founding director of the Sustainable Food Trust, former director of the Soil Association, and patron of the U.K. Biodynamic Association

Jean-Paul Courtens

CSA farmer at Roxbury Farm, co-founder of CRAFT, and pioneer leader in the CSA and organic movements

Lavinia McKinney

Certified Biodynamic farmer at Elixir Farm, medicinal plant and seed grower, and practicing acupuncturist

Steven Johnson, DO

Physician specializing in integrative and anthroposophic medicine and director of the Evergreen Medical Centre

Laura Riccardi Lyvers

Head of the biodynamic program at Foxhollow Farm and owner of Biodynamic Agricultural Resources