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2014 Pioneers in Ecological Medicine Training

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2014 Pioneers in Ecological Medicine Training

This coming February 7-8, 2014, EcoVision Sustainable Learning Center (in cooperation with, Growing Power, Inner Ecology, and High Falls Foundation) will host the second annual Pioneers in Ecological Medicine Training in Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood. Find course details at the following website:

The training is aimed at providing professional growers with the practical know-how needed to introduce East Asian traditional medicinal plants as specialty crops. The primary facilitator, Jean Gibletter, is a veteran grower of these plants with decades of experience. Specific topics reviewed will include: 1) Selecting crops appropriate for your ecological setting; 2) Germination, propagation, and seed-saving; 3) Harvesting and processing; 4) Assessing and managing production risks; 4) Tools and equipment needed; 5) Records and calculations of production costs; 6) Quality control; 7) Marketing, legal and regulatory issues.

Workshop attendance is limited to professional farmers located within the Eastern Forest region. If you are uncertain as to whether you meet this criteria, please contact us directly. 2013 PEM alumni are welcome to register for this training at a reduced rate.

The Eastern Forest region: The North and Central East coast form its Eastern border; Fargo, Western Nebraska or Kansas, Oklahoma or West Texas are outside its Western border. This region includes: Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Missouri, Kentucky and anywhere else that Eastern forest-type trees can grow.