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Aged horse manure

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Aged horse manure

Dear BD practioners,

I have alot of horse manure available and I would like to make some well rotted manure.  I am hoping to sell some extra because all neighbors have quite poor in soil.

Location north of Pasadena CA by Los Angeles California USA

Link above has lots of ideas with little consensus. 

Would be add any additions to manure pile?  Lime, eggshells, diatomacious earth, kelp?

The manure from the stable is mixed with hay and quite hot to begin with.

The neighboors manure is wet with urine and without straw and still intact horse apples. Which is preferable?  proportions?

I layered the pile with Pfeiffer compost starter and some earth. Then I topped the pile with oak leaves and hedge clippings.

The pile sits on a layer of rough brush. It is in a fairy sunny location but not for the entire day. Mostly midday sun.  I hosed down the top of pile. The size is 16 wheelbarrows full of manure.

My roommates where bothered by the flies the first few days/week. 

The pile got too hot, then it rained but now inside is dry and crumbly. Not dark brown and rich. 

Any hints about Pfeiffer's suggestion of horse manure for raised beds?

I'm hoping to use it for dwarf fruit trees that are on terraces. Put around feeder roots ASAP? Any suggestions?